Xerxes at Connecticut Early Music Festival

" A gifted director offers a version of Xerxes that's eye-poppingly contemporary... Irrepressible color, visual and vocal, made the piece a delight and a testament to Summer's gift for banishing stodginess from an art form too often seen as fossilized and elitist... Summer has a gift for translating classic symbolism into familiar detail with just enough flippancy to bring out the fun of the opera without skewing the emotional equation... charmingly choreographed…Street-Smart…Summer's imagination has a long reach; you see it in the subtitles she writes for the operas she directs - including Cosi fan tutte, also played at the Academy - in which street language pops like firecrackers...Since Handel himself was criticized for adding elements of comedy to Xerxes, she was on solid ground."
The Valley Advocate

"Summer's work is always spot on…Summer set the action in our ends up seeming perfectly natural....veritably choreographed... The Summer-Watson collaborations are always imaginative, fruitful, enjoyable, and satisfying in their combinations of old and new, traditional and adventuresome… The projected English surtitles, freely translated by Summer, were in modern colloquial speech, sometimes racy, sometimes profane, and occasionally elicited some chuckles from the audience... [Summer's titles] communicate the essence of the thoughts behind the words in current slang...and helped the audience buy into the spirit of the production."
Boston Musical Intelligencer

“Arcadia's beautifully performed, audaciously but credibly staged SERSE compared well to the NY City Opera production from the 1990's... rousing......light-hearted... The humor and pathos of Handel's opera of love rivalry, crossed signals, and deception was finely conveyed …under stage director/producer Eve Summer [who] portrayed every nuance of their characters… I should mention that the surtitles, in a translation by stage director Summer, matched her staging, with updated, occasionally scatological wording that added to audience laughter.”
Opera ListServ

Così fan tutte at Commonwealth Opera

"...[Summer's production of] Cosi fan tutte can only be described as brilliant...there was much more developed acting than in most productions of this was up-to-date, but tasteful...very modern and very natural... each [character] was individualized; none were treated as stock characters or stereotypes...
(Praise for Ms. Summer's surtitle translation)"clever, witty,[the translation] seemed as natural as the sense of the original, and fit the music well, the set and production to a T."
Classical Voice of New England

"...Eve [brings] her considerable skills in deft spoken-theater direction to the world of opera... this production was amazing... brilliantly staged, beautifully sung and acted, touching, intimate, and hilarious."

"Bright" and "Delightful" & "Verve and polish”
The Valley Advocate

Suor Angelica at Boston Symphony Orchestra

“Eve Summer’s simple but effective semi-staging guided the narrative arc and underlined Puccini’s allusions to sacred music…”
Boston Classical Review

The Tales of Hoffmann at Opera Orlando

“Eye-popping, spirited… raises the bar… Director Eve Summer has created a quick-moving, eye-popping show that captivates with delightful surprises… she uses the pretty space remarkably well… Summer lets the beats of the story play out with genuine emotion among the humorous interludes.”
Orlando Sentinel

The Magic Flute at Opera in Williamsburg

“‘Magic Flute hits all the right notes... the best yet of Opera in Williamsburg’s 14 productions… Stage director Eve Summer made intelligent use of the limited stage space, smartly keeping action moving on, off and about…Given the standard set here, we eagerly await next season…”
The Virginia Gazette

“Director Eve Summer keeps the action brisk and bubbling. Three scenes stand out: First, Pamina’s dramatic exit after her “Wie? Auch du?”. Second, Tamino and Pamina’s adventures in fire and  water.  Here Mathew Ishee’s subtle yet dramatic lighting enhances Ms. Summer’s simple but effective staging. Third is the final scene between Papageno and Papagena, played with great chicken-esque fun by Megan Pachecano. The moment is imaginative and delightful.”
Paul Kuritz Blog

Le nozze di Figaro at dell’Arte Opera Ensemble

"Le nozze di Figaro was definitely the highlight of the festival... Nozze was fresh and delicious, thanks to a solid cast of singers and wise direction choices....the direction...[did] justice to the theatrical twists and turns of the plot...The nine-year-old girl sitting behind us... was quite thoroughly entertained. At the end of the show we overheard her saying: 'Best night ever!' Not once did her attention fade as she was glued to the action all night. And so were we...great pacing and verve."
Allegri con Fuoco

"The performance moved right along without a single longueur. In terms of musical values, nothing more could be wanted. Direction by Eve Summer matched the music-making in tempo. Actions were all well-motivated."
Voce di meche

"...the intention was for the action to be based on 18th century reality, but also easily transferred to the current day. I credit Stage Director Eve Summer with this easy timelessness, as well as with the commitment each singer showed to every line of music."

Così fan tutte at Connecticut Lyric Opera

“In the hands of a good stage director (here Eve Summer), Così is not the silly, 3 Stooges-type slapstick that very often creeps into some comedies...the very real and human emotions felt in this piece (love and sex, infidelity and betrayal) subtly came across as universal and timeless.”
The Town Times

Lucia di Lammermoor at Commonwealth Opera

"...a riveting, glorious production from beginning to end… clear singing and staging...[the mad scene] was all, a rare delicacy...The bar has simply been raised.”
Berkshire On Stage

“This was a true tour de force, a feast for eyes and ears! …Kudos for an authentic production of Lucia! ...Extremely well put together."
Opera Pulse

"The musical and visual elements of Commonwealth's 'Lucia' were splendid..."
The Springfield Republican

"A real joy" and "Magnificent"
Armchair Travel New England

Lucia di Lammermoor at Boheme Opera New Jersey

"[Lucia] used the whole stage to baffle the incredulous crowd with a portrayal that looked right out of the worst of 17th century mental bedlam."
Town Topics of Princeton

 ‘Art’ with Salem Theatre Company

"A bleak, funny portrait of friendship…’Art’ plays like a Seinfeld episode! …The audience I sat in [was] gasping."
The Salem Gazette

12 Angry Men with Theatre Company of Saugus

"A unique vision of the show which featured some surprising twists… The pacing was excellent...the first act moved so swiftly that [I was] surprised when intermission felt like the show had just begun…Eve and her cast attacked this material with fresh eyes… Good directing...a very good production!"

Romeo and Juliet with The Hovey Players (Choreographer)

"Beautifully choreographed"
MetroWest Daily News